Atomic Number of Cadmium

Cadmium Atomic Number

Atomic Number of Cadmium is 48.

Chemical symbol for Cadmium is Cd. Number of protons in Cadmium is 48. Atomic weight of Cadmium is 112.414 u or g/mol. Melting point of Cadmium is 321 °C and its the boiling point is 765 °C.

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About Cadmium

This chemical element is a soft metal of light grey color, similar to zinc with its properties and physical features. Its name is derived from the Latin word meaning calmine. It is a slivery metal with a beautiful blue tint. It is poisonous and carcinogenic, but still very small doses of cadmium can be found in our body as necessary elements for normal living circle of our cells. It is impossible to find cadmium in its pure form on our planet, so it is extracted from minerals and ores where it comes combined with other chemical elements. Cadmium plays a role for producing batteries, electroplating, various parts for television and other types of electronic equipment, etc. Cadmium compounds are used in producing semi-conductors, in chemical industry and for research.

Uses of Cadmium

Cadmium, silvery-white and soft metallic element with the symbol Cd, is mainly used in rechargeable electrical storage batteries. Cadmium combines with heavy metals to strengthen them. It is also employed in computers, cell phones, cameras, cordless power tools, PVC, and emergency power supplies, etc. Cadmium is used in electroplating in the aircraft industry, as well as in nuclear fission. In addition, Cadmium oxide was used in televisions. Cadmium compounds are employed in paint pigments. For example, Cadmium selenide, an alloy with the formula CdSe, is called "cadmium red".

Compounds with Cadmium

Properties of Cadmium Element

Atomic Number (Z)48
Atomic SymbolCd
Atomic Weight112.414 u
Density8.69 g/cm3
Melting Point (K)594.22 K
Melting Point (℃)321 °C
Boiling Point (K)1040 K
Boiling Point (℃)765 °C
Heat Capacity0.232 J/g · K
Abundance0.159 mg/kg
State at STPSolid
DescriptionTransition metal
Electronegativity (Pauling) χ1.69
Ionization Energy (eV)8.9938
Atomic Radius155pm
Covalent Radius148pm
Van der Waals Radius158
Valence Electrons2
Year of Discovery1817
DiscovererStromeyer and Hermann

What is the Boiling Point of Cadmium?

Cadmium boiling point is 765 °C. Boiling point of Cadmium in Kelvin is 1040 K.

What is the Melting Point of Cadmium?

Cadmium melting point is 321 °C. Melting point of Cadmium in Kelvin is 594.22 K.

How Abundant is Cadmium?

Abundant value of Cadmium is 0.159 mg/kg.

What is the State of Cadmium at Standard Temperature and Pressure (STP)?

State of Cadmium is Solid at standard temperature and pressure at 0℃ and one atmosphere pressure.

When was Cadmium Discovered?

Cadmium was discovered in 1817.