Atomic Number of Chromium

Chromium Atomic Number

Atomic Number of Chromium is 24.

Chemical symbol for Chromium is Cr. Number of protons in Chromium is 24. Atomic weight of Chromium is 51.9961 u or g/mol. Melting point of Chromium is 1857 °C and its the boiling point is 2482 °C.

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About Chromium

Chromium is a metal of a silvery-blue color and quite toxic. It has got its name after the Greek word ‘chroma’ which means color. This chemical element can be mainly found in chromites, and it is used as an element of alloys like the one with steel, to produce very strong metal. In very small doses, chromium is vital for living organisms as it helps glucose digestion. But in large doses chromium is very toxic. The most popular industrial use of chromium is producing mirrors and stainless steel. There is a large number of chromium plated parts produced to be used in automobile, construction, and other industries.

Uses of Chromium

Chromium, hard, steel-gray metal with the symbol Cr, is mainly used in stainless steel production. Ferrochromium, a compound with chromium and iron, is mostly used in the production of stainless steel. Chromium is also alloyed with nickel and iron, as well as used as a pigment for glass, paint, glazes. Chromite is mainly used as a refractory, because of its heat stability. Nichrome, an alloy with nickel and chrome, is used for heating units because of its high heat resistance. Chromium compounds can also be used as industrial catalysts too. Chromic acid is used in chromium plating, ceramics, and colored glass.

Compounds with Chromium

Properties of Chromium Element

Atomic Number (Z)24
Atomic SymbolCr
Atomic Weight51.9961 u
Density7.15 g/cm3
Melting Point (K)2180 K
Melting Point (℃)1857 °C
Boiling Point (K)2944 K
Boiling Point (℃)2482 °C
Heat Capacity0.449 J/g · K
Abundance102 mg/kg
State at STPSolid
DescriptionTransition metal
Electronegativity (Pauling) χ1.66
Ionization Energy (eV)6.7665
Atomic Radius140pm
Covalent Radius127pm
Valence Electrons1
Year of Discovery1797

What is the Boiling Point of Chromium?

Chromium boiling point is 2482 °C. Boiling point of Chromium in Kelvin is 2944 K.

What is the Melting Point of Chromium?

Chromium melting point is 1857 °C. Melting point of Chromium in Kelvin is 2180 K.

How Abundant is Chromium?

Abundant value of Chromium is 102 mg/kg.

What is the State of Chromium at Standard Temperature and Pressure (STP)?

State of Chromium is Solid at standard temperature and pressure at 0℃ and one atmosphere pressure.

When was Chromium Discovered?

Chromium was discovered in 1797.