Atomic Number of Francium

Francium Atomic Number

Atomic Number of Francium is 87.

Chemical symbol for Francium is Fr. Number of protons in Francium is 87. Atomic weight of Francium is 223 u or g/mol. Melting point of Francium is 27 °C and its the boiling point is 677 °C.

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About Francium

Francium is an extremely unstable and highly radioactive metal discovered in the middle of the last century by a group of French scientists and named after their homecountry. It is very toxic and has no biological importance. It does not exist on our planet in its pure form and can be extracted from thorium and radium ores. It reacts intensively with water. It has no applications and is used only for research.

Properties of Francium Element

Atomic Number (Z)87
Atomic SymbolFr
Atomic Weight223 u
Density1.87 g/cm3
Melting Point (K)300 K
Melting Point (℃)27 °C
Boiling Point (K)950 K
Boiling Point (℃)677 °C
Heat Capacity
Abundance~ 1×10−18 mg/kg
State at STPSolid
DescriptionAlkali metal
Electronegativity (Pauling) χ0.7
Ionization Energy (eV)4.0727
Atomic Radiusno datapm
Covalent Radiusno datapm
Valence Electrons1
Year of Discovery1939

What is the Boiling Point of Francium?

Francium boiling point is 677 °C. Boiling point of Francium in Kelvin is 950 K.

What is the Melting Point of Francium?

Francium melting point is 27 °C. Melting point of Francium in Kelvin is 300 K.

How Abundant is Francium?

Abundant value of Francium is ~ 1×10−18 mg/kg.

What is the State of Francium at Standard Temperature and Pressure (STP)?

State of Francium is Solid at standard temperature and pressure at 0℃ and one atmosphere pressure.

When was Francium Discovered?

Francium was discovered in 1939.