Atomic Number of Krypton

Krypton Atomic Number

Atomic Number of Krypton is 36.

Chemical symbol for Krypton is Kr. Number of protons in Krypton is 36. Atomic weight of Krypton is 83.798 u or g/mol. Melting point of Krypton is -156,6 °C and its the boiling point is -152,3 °C.

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About Krypton

The chemical element which became famous due to a famous comics about Superman (in the form of a mineral), krypton is an odorless and colorless gas. It is a so called noble gas which is very nonreactive and enters the reaction only with fluorine gas. The name of this chemical element comes from a Greek word meaning hidden. This gas was discovered quite recently and it is really very rare in our atmosphere. It has no biological importance. Krypton is used for making light, in light discharge and fluorescent lights. Krypton compound with fluorine is used in chemical industry and for producing lasers.

Uses of Krypton

Krypton, an odorless, tasteless, colorless gas with the symbol Kr, is used as a white light source in photography. And it is mostly used in energy-saving fluorescent lamps. Krypton is widely used for filling incandescent lamps. It can be also used in making luminous signs. Krypton difluoride, a compound of krypton and fluorine with the formula KrF2, is employed as an oxidative fluorinating agent. Furthermore, krpton can be employed in nuclear medicine, in nuclear fusion energy research, and in experimental particle physics.

Compounds with Krypton

Properties of Krypton Element

Atomic Number (Z)36
Atomic SymbolKr
Atomic Weight83.798 u
Density0.003733 g/cm3
Melting Point (K)115.79 K
Melting Point (℃)-156,6 °C
Boiling Point (K)119.93 K
Boiling Point (℃)-152,3 °C
Heat Capacity0.248 J/g · K
Abundance1×10−4 mg/kg
State at STPGas
DescriptionNoble gas
Electronegativity (Pauling) χ3
Ionization Energy (eV)13.99961
Atomic Radius88pm
Covalent Radius110pm
Van der Waals Radius202
Valence Electrons8
Year of Discovery1898
DiscovererRamsay and Travers

What is the Boiling Point of Krypton?

Krypton boiling point is -152,3 °C. Boiling point of Krypton in Kelvin is 119.93 K.

What is the Melting Point of Krypton?

Krypton melting point is -156,6 °C. Melting point of Krypton in Kelvin is 115.79 K.

How Abundant is Krypton?

Abundant value of Krypton is 1×10−4 mg/kg.

What is the State of Krypton at Standard Temperature and Pressure (STP)?

State of Krypton is Gas at standard temperature and pressure at 0℃ and one atmosphere pressure.

When was Krypton Discovered?

Krypton was discovered in 1898.